Accuracy, Fishing wraps and Spombs

Spurred on by watch a fellow angler using a Spomb, a genius combination of a spod and bomb :-), to accurately bait up an area 100 yards out at a Lancashire Fishery last week I thought it was time to give them a go.

So fresh from Amazon my Fox impact spods, their version of a fishing spomb, Bison carbon fibre measuring sticks, or wraps, Q-Dos long cast marker floats and some Korda marker elastic arrived.

I’ve always used a marker float and clipped up for fishing any distance, occasionally marker elastic, but the spomb and wraps looked a more accurate baiting up method and better for fishing at distance with no bait spillage on the cast.

Watching the fisherman nearby was a joy, he had a routine down to perfection.

1. Cast around the peg with his marker float gaining acknowledge of the bottom, weed, gravel, bars he could feel all the features.

His intention was to fish a night session far out, so he located a patch of gravel at what i estimated to be something over 100 yards.

2. Clip up whilst cast out in “position” where he wanted to fish, wind in and proceed to “wrap” his line round the marker sticks counting the wraps – 22.5 wraps, with the sticks 12 feet apart thats 270 feet or 90 yards. Ok so i was 10 yards out – no better reason to use this method :-0

3. Now whenever needed wrap line (same number of times) and clip up confident you are at the same distance every time you cast. Not forgetting to unclip when fishing so the Carp can run !

4. Spomb attached, line clipped up and proceed to pile in as much, or little bait as you like. Now theres always going to be some goes a little a drift with wind factor and the like, but this angler reckoned he was happy with 90%+ nailed on in the swim and a little around it.

Fox impact spod (spomb) closed
Fox impact spod (spomb) closed
Fox impact spod (spomb) open
Fox impact spod (spomb) open








5. Specialist fishing marker elastic can be tied onto your line if you wish to have another visual confirmation or if the line wrap is not your cup of tea.

The importance of accuracy has been talked about a lot and can not be underestimated, you need to locate the fish and get on them wherever possible.

The spomb has a release button on the bottom that when it hits the water opens the loading door and releases the bait (see image below)

Impact spod "Spomb" release button
Impact spod “Spomb” release button
Fishing Marker Sticks or "wraps"
Fishing Marker Sticks or “wraps”









I suppose this is generally a larger water fishing method, but with care and consideration for other anglers you could employ this fishing method at most of your favourite Lancashire Fishing waters

A high tech option to the above, though not totally a replacement is one of the new castable depth and fish finders, details to follow at some point in the near future, wheres my Amazon account 🙂

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