Bait ! doesn’t get more important than this

Seems very basic but thought I’d put together a bait list, because its easy to turn up at a water and find you have forgotten todays killer bait !




Pellets (Soft bookable, hard on a band or drilled)



Sweet Corn



Luncheon Meat

Cat Meat (Often outlawed now)


Tiger Nuts


Zig Rig Baits including bugs & foam

Plastics (all of the above 🙂

Ground bait

Lures, Spinners and similar

Dead Baits

Live Baits (often against fisher rules)

Don’t forget your Flavours, Spices/ Turmeric and the likes (a Winter favourite for silver fish), Boillie dips, Sweetners and feed triggers etc.


New ideas are coming along all the time, I’ve recently read all about Rock Salt for carp fishing, in particle mixes and on bait, will be writing on this at some point, in the mean time do not use table or road salt, its not the same !! you have been warned.

If you are fishing a commercial water its always best to check whats on the allowed bait list and whats banned in advance, if in doubt ask.


New Fishing Baits being added weekly, got an inspiration? please email us


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