A Masterclass at The Cunneries Eccleston

Todays fishing trip was The Cunneries Eccleston.

Armed with little knowledge and little to be found on the web we arrived on site to find most lakes were booked for matches – must remember to check before setting off in future. This left us with “The Lake” to fish on, that said its the nicest of the waters and once you are sat at your peg its a lovely little spot.

The rest of the site is a “work in progress” – if you want to fish a picturesque venue, sit on your own with plenty of water in front of you then this venue is not for you, its a commercial fishery set up, largely, for the match angler with maximum peg numbers – if you are after a match fishing venue this is a great place and is heavily stocked with Carp, Chub, Bream, Tench and silver fish. I imagine its an immense bagging up water once the warmer weather settles in !

Theres a cafe on site, was open for the first few hours or so then closed once the matches were up and running, theres a sign that says food delivery to your peg so I imagine the opening times are flexible depending on demand.

So we settled into our peg on The Lake and the sun was shining, the real problem was there had been a heavy frost and this was always going to make life difficult – at least it was warming up as the day went on and it did settle into a lovely day. Initially we caught a few roach before it went quiet, everyone on the lake was struggling and our few silver fish was just about it – about 12 of 20 or so pegs (didn’t count them) were occupied.

And then it all changed when an angler who fishes regularly sat in the peg to our right, this was just what we needed someone who knew how to catch on this water that we could watch and learn from. Hear-in followed a masterclass in how to put a plan into action and catch fish on this venue.

The method was a large Waggler – I’d call in a commercial fishery carp float, a rattler or a splash float, specifically designed to make a splash on hitting the water. The rest of the kit was 8lb line straight through, and a pellet band fished 1 foot under the float. This was cast to the margin – the trick seemed to be land the bait 1 or 2 feet off the island. 5 minutes of regular casting and the fish arrived, and in numbers, Chub and Carp – 4 in 4 casts 4 – alb each. This follows a 5 minute lull followed by another 3 fish, with it becoming apparent the fish would move in, in numbers and move out again.

This angler could catch ! when the line needed a rest he would switch to the pole a catch skimmers and small carp – but the wagglier island line was the method, a joy to watch.

Just to prove it worked and was not just the peg or luck i changed to the same distance, shallowed up to a foot and followed suit with pellet on a band – now we didn’t have the right floats, however it did bring immediate results and 3 carp followed. The problem with using a “normal” waggler is we didn’t have the control to keep landing it next to the island with the accurate needed (or the power to pull out of snags) and the lack of noise meant it was a much slower catch rate.

Looking to catch the silver fish?, our friend on the next peg recommended casters, trickle a few in each cast, fished 2ft deep and quite right this caught – at about 2 rod lengths out.

Just a foot note, we don’t have a pole between us, so hard to comment but Carp waggler out fished everything on the lake today by 10-1.

An interesting morning and another new method learnt and in the memory bank for another day.

The Cunneries: – £6 each day ticket – Cafe serves breakfast that looked great and they do a superb sausage butty !!

Conclusion: looking for a pretty venue, tuck your self down on “The Lake” and its quite nice, otherwise not for everyone. Match angler heaven !

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