Nash Line Marker – Trying something new

Nash Line Marker – I’ve never worried too much about distance and accuracy, always thinking i’m casting to about the right spot when Carp Fishing, but i’ve decided to try and hit the spot more accurately, more often. Lets see if my catches improve.

So I’m going to be clipping up, marking my line with this Nash Tackle product – “Spot on”. Its available in other colours if you don’t fancy bright orange, i just think this will be easy to see in all conditions

Whether its just a marker or whether it also provides the line with some protection if I actually put this part of the line under the clip is yet to be been. Clipping up and protecting the line seems to be, rightly so, a big subject with many people putting some elastic under the clip first or fixing some form of elastic to the line and then putting that under the clip.

Distance Marker poles also seem to have become very popular, something to try another day but I imagine they may life a lot easier.

You just paint Spot On, onto your line and it dries is seconds.

Anyway for now Nash Tackle Spot On is the new product I’m trying for my Carp Fishing. Report to follow.

Manufacturer: Nash Tackle

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