Cleveley Bridge Fisheries Forton M6

Cleveley Bank Lane, Forton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 1BY

Tel: 01524 791 637

Mobile: 07958 797117


Cleveley Bridge Fisheries is a cracking Lancashire fishery, with 7 fishing lakes in total to go at – well 3 main waters and 4 smaller stock ponds all of which you can fish. Lovely mature grounds with plenty a secluded little fishing spots you can find to fish. One of my favourite places to Fish in Lancashire.

The fishing lakes comprise one specimen lake with the others being more general coarse fishing lakes. Each differers in style and you will find something here from the beginner right up to the experienced angler.

The canal, almost, circles the fishery and is as you might expect a long narrow water, with depths ranging from about 5ft to ofter just a couple of feet making this an ideal summer fishing spot. Also a good fishing venue for matches as the canal accommodates 40 pegs. The canal contains most fish species including Roach, Rudd, Carp, Tench, Bream, Barbel, Perch and of course Carp some of which have grown quite large so watch your rods !

I’ve fished the Canal in the summer and its a fish a chuck on silver fish, there are hundreds of smaller carp, moved out of the specimen lake over the winter, and most visits i’ve caught a bonus Trout which are beautiful fish that give you quite a surprise and they put up a good, if odd, fight flying around all over the lake. Near the airaetor (if its not been moved offers the deeper water, which if you visit in winter is where you will need to be!) – Fishing in Lancashire.

Serpentine lake is a more regular lake, with just 15 nice pegs. Of the stock ponds namely Butterfly 1, Butterfly 2, Lilly Bank and Last Resort these are small ponds but all contain fish. Like most places these days close in can work well, but to be hosts you can catch from anywhere in Serpentine.

The specimen lake is called Swanbrook Lake and contains surprisingly big fish up to and in excess of 30lb – this is an often unheard of water in Lancashire, but defiantly worth fishing if you are a big Carp hunter. Swanbrook also contains some big Koi and Grass Carp left over from when it was a smaller ornamental lake, that was subsequently joint to form a much larger water. As the water has some big Carp it can be popular these days so its worth checking you can get on before heading here to fish.

The Specimen Lake "Swanbrook" Cleveley Bridge Fisheries
The Specimen Lake “Swanbrook” Cleveley Bridge Fisheries

Night fishing is allowed on the specimen lake but please check before going.

There are log cabins on site that you can book in advance (hence its now called Cleveley Bridge Fisheries and Leisure Park), and also a small “pod” suitable perhaps for short stays. The fishery is reasonable easy to get to being off the M6, Junction 33 being closest – the next one past Forton Services if travelling North, and after Lancaster if travelling South.

Cleveley Bridge Fisheries can be found and easily contacted on Facebook here and always reply to any answers for advice which is great 🙂

The fishery has recently opened an onsite tackle shop selling maggots and frozen baits and fishing tackle, though again best check they have what you need via the Facebook page.

See photographs here, more to follow!


Fishery Rules: Can be found here

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