Elton Reservoir Bury

Elton Reservoir, Bury, Lancashire, England BL8 2BR

Run by Elton Sailing Club

Tel: 01617 642858


Bream, roach, tench, perch and pike inhabit Elton Reservoir Bury, though I’m not sure how many people fish it these days, by all accounts its not the water is once was even following a refurbishment in 2009, when the environment agency removed all the fish whilst there works were done and then restocked them. Once a bream mecca, this large bowl of a water, sounds like it has not recovered to its fishing heyday. If anyone fishes it these days can they email me please with details admin@fishinginlancashire.co.uk and i will update this entry.

As you will see in these photographs (May 2016) its short on water at the moment and as we approach summer I can only imagine this will get worse, Same really i can imagine it would be a nice please to fish from the sandy bank side when the ware level is at a more normal level

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