Pennington Flash Country Park Leigh

Leigh - Pennington Flash Country Park
Leigh – Pennington Flash Country Park

St Helens Road, Leigh, Lancashire WN7 3PA


Controlled by: Leigh and District Angling Association
Permit Contact: Mr Frank Partington
Tel: 0161 790 0514

Pennington Flash is a huge 200-acres country park located between Lowton & Pennington in Leigh Lancashire with large shoals of Bream, a few large Carp, Perch, Pike, Roach, Rudd & Tench and hybrids.

The flash is a 70-hectare fishing lake created by coal mining subsidence and flooding, An vast nature nature reserve & fishing venue with bird hides Pennington Flash Country Park is renowned for wildlife and Bream fishing.

On-site facilities include an information centre, golf course, a pay and display car park, children’s play area, picnic and recreation areas. Fishing in only allowed on on certain shores, so check before setting up. There is often a mobile café and there are toilets near the main car park. An excellent venue for a days fishing in Lancashire.


Fishing Club Rules: Please check the specific venue rules before fishing

– No litter to be left on the bankside

– Never discard hooks, lines, shots, etc. on the bankside

– Plastic bags and tin cans can be dangerous to animals or other users of the waters, please do not take to the waterside

– Night fishing is not allowed

– Help protect wildlife

– Barbless hooks must be used on all waters except the canal were micro barbed may be used

– Keepnets are not allowed on our waters except in authorised matches

– Park your cars sensibly

– Be courteous to all people you meet at the waterside

– Report all incidents of pollution to the E.A. 0800 807060. Remember you play an important part in protecting the waterside

– Read your membership card