Turbary House Nursery Fishing Whitestake Preston

Turbary House Nursery, 92 Chainhouse Lane, Whitestake, Preston, Lancashire PR4 4LB

Also known as Turbary Garden Centre or Duxburys

Contact: John Kenworthy

Tel: 01772 697337

Email: gonefishing@turbaryhouse.co.uk

Web: www.turbaryhouse.co.uk/coarse-fisheries/

Original Lake:

Fishery Rules: Please check before fishing

  • Fees allow the use of 2 rods per full day
  • Fishing is from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm in Summer and from 8:00am till dark in Winter
  • Evening fishing only by prior arrangement with the owners
  • Half day only after 1:00pm
  • Night fishing will not be allowed
  • All anglers must hold a current NRA rod licence
  • No dogs, children or radios allowed around the lake
  • No one under the age of 16 will be allowed to fish unless accompanied by a responsible adult
  • No keep nets permitted except in organised matches
  • All nets to be dipped in disinfectant tank provided
  • No ground-bait to be used
  • Barbless hooks only max size 10
  • No trout pellet, hemp seed, blood worm or joker allowed
  • Branded carp pellets only limited to 1 pint per angler
  • Due to the possible danger to the wildlife, floating baits are not allowed
  • No litter to be left on bank
  • Surplus baits to be put in bins or skips
  • Fishing is entirely at your own risk.  The owners accept no responsibility for loss or damage to persons or property whilst on the premises

Smaller Newer Lake:

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