Heapey Lodges Chorley (Lodge 1)

Surface Carp
Surface fishing at Heapey in the summer can drive you mad !

Largely fished for Carp though holds good numbers of many fish including roach, bream & hybrids

(Report on other species on lodge 1 here Heapey Course Fish )


Membership of Wigan & District Angling Association needed to fish Lodge 1, if you want to fish on a day ticket you can fish Lodge 2, 3 or 6. Lodges hold most fish types though I don’t think there are any carp in lodge 6.

Far bank under the trees used to be my favourite summer venue, but this bank is now out of bounds.

In the height of summer trying to lure a fish off the surface could drive you despair !

Been down tonight 23rd May 2016 one lad fishing the corner peg near the inflow, had 7 Carp yesterday – his fishing pal had 11 !, Fishing mainly Boilies cast to the right hand (no fishing from) bank. His pal was using a boat boat to get his bait right under the trees where the Carp seem to love hanging out, this seems to be a favourite fishing method here.

Night fishing is also members only.

The Carp in here tend to be a very very dark, old strain of carp and often stunning Carp I’ve fished here on and off for 25 Years and they have always been really photogenic fish.


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