Wyreside Lakes Fishery Scorton South Lancaster Junction 33 M6

Wyreside Fishery - Wyre Lake
Wyre Lake, Wyreside Lakes Fishery

Wyreside Lakes Fishery Sunnyside Farmhouse Bay Horse (Dolphinholme) Near Lancaster LA2 9DG

River Wyre
River Wyre runs along the back of the Fishery

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Wyreside Lakes Fishery, Bay Horse (Dolphinholme) is close to Scorton (and Forton Services on the M6) and within easy reach of most of Lancashire including Garstang & Lancaster close by and Preston down the M6.

This is one of the Big Carp waters in Lancashire and I mean big ! as well as the mainly big carp lakes, Wyreside also offers Pike fishing during the winter months and has a more general coarse fishing lake (Foxes Lake)

There are six fishing lakes, Sunnyside 1, Sunnyside 2, Bantons Lake, Riverside, Wyre Lake and the above mentions Foxes Lake. Actually there are 7 Lakes as there is also a Kiddies Lakes.


Before arriving please check with the direct with the Fishery that there are fishing pegs available, it can be busy in summer with anglers targeting the monster carp at Wyreside Lakes Fishery and if you just turn up there is no guarantee you will get on the lake of your choice, or indeed any lake for that matter!


Sunnyside 1 Lake – Wyreside Lakes Fishery:

Sunnyside 2 Lake – Wyreside Lakes Fishery:

Wyre Lake – Wyreside Lakes Fishery:

Wyre Lake contains Carp & Pike, though for most of the year Big Carp are the target in this 16.5 acres fishing lake, big carp abound!  There are 19 excellent pegs all perfect for your divvy and all your fishing gear – in front of you is a large open water, down the sides superb backside trees and reed beds give features to fish to in all pegs, and an island adds a further feature.

Under the water features include silt beds and gravel bars in depths from two up to thirteen feet. (There is a handy lake contour/ depth map, see gallery below, detailing Wyre Lake)

In terms of parking you can park close to one corner of the lake, but there are only a few pegs near the car park, you will have to walk to most pegs, but with these green and lush surroundings you can enjoy the views and wildlife as you go !
At the time of writing (June 2016) the lake record is at just over 40 lbs, in order to target the fish in this fishing lake you will need to be a member to fish at weekends (please contact the fishery for details), but tickets can be bought for weekday sessions – though the minimum is 48hours. 

Pictured below is Wyreside Lake;


Bantons Lake – Wyreside Lakes Fishery:


Fox’s Lake – Wyreside Lakes Fishery:


River Lake – Wyreside Lakes Fishery:

A slightly smaller lake River is another Carp water with 160+ carp swimming its 2.3 acres of treelined water. Here on River Lake there are less pegs, at 11, and the lake is narrower than the other lakes, but none the less beautiful. Access down one side is by a lakeside road making access to the spacious fishing pegs excellent as you can park immediately behind your chosen spot.

If you are looking for a slightly more secluded fishing location, the far side of the lake is for you – here there is no road access, but excellent grassed paths mean its only a short level walk to any of the fishing pegs.

The record fish in River Lake, Wyreside, is just over 30lbs and the best spots seem to be there corner pegs at either end – I think pegs 1 and 11.

Pictured below is River Lake;


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