Rishton Reservoirs Blackburn

Cut Lane, Rishton, Nr Blackburn Lancashire BB1 4AP

Web: www.h-baa.net/water4.php

Fishing Club: Hyndburn & Blackburn Angling Association

Members only Fishing Waters

Big Rishton Reservoir
Big Rishton Reservoir from Cutwood Park (Mike and Kirsty Grundy) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Both waters are controlled by Hyndburn & Blackburn Angling Association – Consisting of two connected fishing reservoirs, named Big Rishton Reservoir and Little Rishton Reservoir i suppose they are really 2 separate fishing waters only being connected by an outlet pipe.




They waters are also separated by a busy railway line, please note do not cross the railway line except at authorised crossings elsewhere.

Big Rishton Reservoir is, as the name might suggest!, the larger of the two and is a large expanse of water which can be fished from 3 sides, the area in front of the sailing clubhouse cannot be fished.

Little Rishton, the smaller one 🙂 is suseptable to low water levels, and there are fishing pegs on the entrance side, but no fishing is allowed from the field.

Big Rishton

2013 Low Water @ Rishton Reservoir (John Darch) / CC BY-SA 2.0



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