Farington Lodges, Farington Leyland

Farington Lodge
Farington Lodge

Lodge Lane, Farington. Farington Lodges Angling Association.

Tel: 01772 421884

Farington Lodges is currently being run by www.withnell-angling-club.co.uk – Am investigating further – update to follow, Though its on the South Ribble Council site as Farington Lodges Angling Association – Signs say Withnell Angling, no fishing without a ticket bought in advance.

Split into 2 in reconnecting lodges, they used to be separated with a net up seem to be joined these days, 2o years ago they were a Tench mecca, with 5 – 7lb fishing being caught in multiples to simple tactics – fishing to the trees on the far back. My old friend Denis could catch everywhere, but this is where I met him and he caught some superb fish and put together a great net full on a regular basis.

Sadly talking to an angler tonight apparently the tench are long gone, fishing is slow and “fishing is not what it used to be” with few fishing the water these days. Seems a great shame but I will go and give it a bash and see how many are fishing it over a weekend to get a better feel for this once great water. Watch this space !

The small pond is, according to the sign, losing fish to cormerants so have role and material strung across it to scare them away, seems to be working no sign today, even on the main lodges.