Specimen Carp Fishing in Lancashire

Are you looking for carp fishing venues in Lancashire? Heres a great list of Specimen Carp Fishing in Lancashire. These are some of the best carp fishing venues in Lancashire;

  1. Wyreside Fisheries
  2. Greenhalgh Lodge Fishery
  3. Borwick Fishing Carnforth
  4. Heapey Lodges (Lodge No1)
  5. Borwick Lake Carnforth
  6. Hudsons Farm Fishery St Michael’s on Wyre
  7. Wyreside Fishery Carp Lakes St Michaels

There are many more venues you can catch carp in the North West, these are the main specimen waters. Others include private fishing lakes/ syndicates, some lengths of the regions many canals, rivers and many commercial fisheries. And for example stretches of the River Ribble see www.fishinginlancashire.co.uk/rivers/river-ribble/ and Whitmore Fisheries see www.whitmorefisheries.co.uk/lakes.php

Carp in Lancashire
Carp comes to the net

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Links to Specimen Carp Fishing Venues in Lancashire North West

For ease here is a list of links to pages that detail these carp fishing venues.

Whats the Best Bait for Carp Fishing?

Well there answer is there is not one best bait, these days Boilies probably account for most specimen carp. Heres a list of the best bait for carp fishing;

List of top 10 best baits for carp fishing

  • Boilies
  • Luncheon Meat
  • Bread
  • Trout Pellets
  • Trout Pellet Paste
  • Sweet Corn
  • Worms
  • Floating Dog Biscuits
  • Tiger Nuts
  • Maggots

Where can i catch big carp in Lancashire?

Well the above list is a good start. Almost without doubt though it will need hard work and a lot of experience. Because Specimen carp are not easy to catch. Time to get out there and give it a try, ask your local fishing tackle shop for help and advice. So here is one of the best tips – ask other friendly anglers, a simple bit of advice on fish location, bait and timing can make all the difference when targeting large carp.

Whats the best method for big Carp?

There are many methods to catch big carp. Theres no one best method, it depends on the fishing venue, time of year, which peg you are fishing and many many other variable. I can tell you now this especially can include the weather! This is a list of the best methods to fish for big specimen carp;

  • Bolt rig
  • Pop up baits/ Boilies
  • Floating baits
  • PVA bags
  • Close in margin fishing
  • Method feeder
  • Zig Rig
  • Float fishing
  • Lift Method
  • Stalking
  • Single baits
  • Fake baits

Specimen Carp Fishing in Lancashire

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