Rivington Reservoirs – Upper Rivington Reservoir

Rivington Reservoir
Upper Rivington Reservoir

Upper Rivington Reservoir;

This vast water is approx one mile East of Chorley, below Winter Hill, in the West Pennine Moors, Lancashire and is a vast water of circa 57 acres part of which is a nature reserve.

Upper Rivington Reservoir holds large shoals of Bream, Roach, Perch, Chub, Rudd and Pike – there are limited day tickets available (10 only) from Crown Tackle & Bait (5) and Coppull Anglers (5) This fishing water can be a daunting water for anglers at most times of the year especially winter when its a large open and often windswept fishing venue with little if any clues to where the fish may be holed up. Here local knowledge is the key to catching the elusive but many and large fish of Upper Rivington Reservoir.

Regular matches are held on Sundays on occasion so please check before setting up!

Seemingly the Pike fishing and Carp? fishing is available to Members only

As well as the upper reservoir there is the lower reservoir, as you might expect, and also Anglezarke Reservoir and Yarrow Reservoir nearby all of which we will cover elsewhere.

Tel: 01704 213690 – Mr B Hurst

Controlled by: Southport & District A.A.

Web: www.sdaa.org.uk


Please note:

We don’t know about the fishing permissions in the Lower Rivington Reservoir so please check before fishing.


Below shows: Rivington (upper & lower) Reservoir in the foreground, Anglezark top left and Yarrow Reservoir to the right.

Rivington & Anglezarke Reservoirs
Rivington & Anglezarke Reservoirs


Fishing Venue Rules:

– No pike fishing 15 March – 1 September 

– All night fishing syndicate members only.  

– Use of keepnets is allowed, subject to the following;

– no fish over 4lb are retained

– fish should not be retained for more than 5 hours

Rivington Upper Reservoir holds drinking water supplies – ground bait is banned by United Utilities bylaw!

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