South Lakeland Leisure Village Borwick

Fishing South Lakeland Leisure Village
Fishing South Lakeland Leisure Village

Borwick, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 1BH


Got to be honest i know very little if anything about this fishery, South Lakeland Leisure Village, on a nice day it looks stunning but no sign of anyone fishing it when i have been past. If anyone can update me please email me and i will be glad to add your fishing information. Apparently The lake is “home to a selection of fish which include wild trout, perch, bream, carp and pike. Fish can range up to 30lb” but this is unconfirmed !

Possibly fishing is limited to visitors and guests staying on the park, So please check before fishing ! who are also able to fish the day ticket water The Villa, across the road see The Villa fishing

Species: Trout, perch, bream, carp and pike